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  • Category: Optical coated glass and functional glass

  • Our product include tempered glass , laminated glass , insulated glass , float glass , processed glass, safety glass,energy saving glass,decorative glass,special glass,mirror,aluminum profile,glass balustrade, railing,window and door,glass curtail wall.
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Easy-clean glass is often also figuratively referred to in business as self-clean glass or auto-clean glass.It generally refers to the coating of a special layer on the surface of the glass,so that the dust or dirty liquid is difficult to adhere to the surface of the glass,or more easily washed off by water,so that the glass surface is very easy to keep clean,reduce the trouble of cleaning the glass surface,but also can save the increasingly scarce water resources.
This special paint is called an"easy to clean paint"or a"self-cleaning paint".It is developed by using two basic physical characteristics of objects in nature.So-called easy clean huo glass is glass surface have similar high hydrophobic lotus effect,make the water cannot be completely from glass,make the surface tension of the droplets themselves produce the phenomenon that water droplets shape,water drop will naturally take away the dust,make glass with easy clean huo effect,also will not be able to accumulate dust,than ordinary glass stain pooling,effect is quite obvious difference in the long term.

Product features
With good anti-dust effect,less dust adhesion
With good dewatering effect,water drops can fall off easily,easy to clean.

Middle and high-end building curtain wall,rearview mirror,shower room and other internal and external decoration fields.


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