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  • Gradient PET laminated glass

  • Category: Processed glass-interior decoration

  • Our product include tempered glass , laminated glass , insulated glass , float glass , processed glass, safety glass,energy saving glass,decorative glass,special glass,mirror,aluminum profile,glass balustrade, railing,window and door,glass curtail wall.
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Gradient laminated glass now is the most popular and most widely used glass in the market now.It’s a kind of EVA laminated glass with a gradient PET film laminated inside.

A.Mature technology. EVA ,PVB,SGP laminated glass are currently 3 main laminated glass types,the EVA laminated glass production technology is quite mature ,quality can be ensured.
B.Compared with monolithic glass,laminated glass safety is much higher,it can also block UV and prevent furniture,cloth fading after years lighting.

A.High price,compared with monolithic glass,laminated glass price is always 2-3 times that of monolithic gradient glass.
B.The glass can only been used interiors.EVA interlayerhas high fluidity,once the temperature increase,EVA film will be melt,bonding strength will decrease significantly.Even though EVA film that is suitable for outdoor application is developed,its performance is still far away from PVB interlayer.
C.Limited specifications.The gradient sizes and regulations are fixed,customers cannot customize their unique patterns if the quantity is small.


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