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  • Category: Processed glass-interior decoration

  • Our product include tempered glass , laminated glass , insulated glass , float glass , processed glass, safety glass,energy saving glass,decorative glass,special glass,mirror,aluminum profile,glass balustrade, railing,window and door,glass curtail wall.
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The use of various metal panels, hollow glass sealant and other materials to toughened glass, floating glass and stained glass, after carving, grinding, grinding, welding, cleaning and drying sealing and other processes resulting in top grade art glass.Embroidered glass can reflect the changes in the home space, is a kind of casual decorative glass. It can be any combination of stained pattern glass, fog glass, clear and transparent glass, and then separated by metal wire strips. It is reasonable to match "creativity" to present different aesthetic feelings and is even more intoxicating.

1. Triple Panels Glass
2. Size according to your design.
3. Advantages:
Modern style, unique
Heat resistance, notice resistance, keeping warm
Oxygenation resistance, bump resisitance
Bear high & low temperature
4. Purposes: Craft door, windows, folding screens for various kinds of high Grade decoration


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