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Acid etched glass,Frosted glass,Sand blasted glass
Acid etched glass is one kind of frosted glass,which is float glass processed by acid material by single side or double sides.Acid etched glass has a distinctive,uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance.Acid etched glass admits light while providing softening and vision control.This glass is widely used for shower room,furniture,electric appliance,house decoration,office partition,and so on.

How Acid Etched Glass is Made
In general,glass etching is accomplished in two ways:with acid-specifically,hydrofluoric acid,and sandblasting.Acid etched glass tends to require less maintenance,and the etching itself leaves a smoother finish.
Glass etching can be done using either liquid hydrofluoric acid or hydrofluoric acid gas.First,though,you need a stencil,called a“resist”that defines the image and determines where the acid touches the glass and where it doesn’t.
If you use liquid acid,you achieve a clear etching.Use the gas,and you get a result that looks like ground glass.With the acid gas,you get an etching that presents a semi-opaque image on clear glass.Or you can use the gas to give an entire glass plate the semi-opaque,or"frosted"look and apply the liquid acid to create a clear image on the same plate.
The possibilities for the look of etched glass are virtually unlimited.Glass sheets become a canvas of sorts on which to paint with acid.The best part--the image won’t wear off or degrade over time.

Common Uses for Acid Etched Glass
It’s not hard to imagine many acid-etched glass applications.You probably see several practically every day without taking particular notice,except maybe to appreciate their good looks.
Inside,the stairway railing might include glass panels that carry the same image,repeated over and over.
Here are a few more acid etched glass applications:
3.Shower and bath enclosures
Glass thickness:3~6mm
Max size:3300x9000mm


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