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High Borocilicate Fire Resistant Glass is selected with high boron silicon by floating process to produce a kind of original glass, tempered processing. Its fire resistance stems from its low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is only 4×10-6 (20-300 degrees C), two to three times lower than normal glass (silicate glass). In addition, boron silicon single-piece fireproof glass also has a high softening point, excellent resistance to thermal impact and viscosity and other characteristics. Therefore, when a fire occurs, boron silicon single-piece fireproof glass is not easy to expand and break, is a high-stability single-piece fire-resistant glass, its fire resistance time limit can be up to 3 hours.

The single piece of High Borocilicate Fire Resistant Glass produced by Yaohua, is a fireproof tempered glass made from the original glass of high Borocilicate float as raw material for tempering processing. High Borocilicate glass looks close to low iron glass, and high Borocilicate fireproof glass belongs to Class C fireproof glass.

High Borocilicate fireproof glass is suitable for building fire windows, curtain walls, elevators, partitions, platforms, smoke-blocking walls, platform shielding doors and other areas, in addition to building fireproof glass applications, because of its good thermal performance, electromedicine performance and chemical stability performance, is widely due to instrument glass, medical glass, lamp glass, home appliances heat-resistant glass, rail locomotive glass, as well as aviation and solar energy fields.

Glass thickness:5~15mm
Max size:2440x4800mm


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