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Silk screen printing glass,also call ceramic printed glass,ceramic fritted glass,ceramic frit pattern glass,screen printed glass,silk screen printed glass,etc.It is produced by washing the annealed glass,then silk-screen(or roller)printing ceramic frit paints onto one side of the glass followed by drying and heat-treating within a tempering furnace to form a permanent coating.The glass is always either heat strengthened or fully tempered to prevent glass breakage due to thermal stresses under sunlit applications.Yahuaglass produce a variety of durable colors and patterns silkscreen glass,and our this kind decorative glass has been widely used in building and furniture decoration industry.

Stained glass is the ideal choice for the integration of different cultures,identities,and artistic expressions both externally and internally in a building.It opens up the way for architectural designers to be creative,functional,and sustainable.Stained glass can be used arbitrarily.Color,any pattern,any size,so that your design concept will not be affected by any factor,highlight your personalization of the concept,artistic,with a strong durability,never fade,scratch resistance,UV protection.Such as:Inspired by nature,you can use any combination of colorful,realistic,patterns,textures,shadows,stone carvings,transparency,and gradient effects in your architecture.

Printing glass includes UV printing glass and colored glaze glass,but colored glaze glass with the working temperature from 120℃-620℃regardless of printed or silk-screen,it can be recut,edgework,holes,tempered,lamianted and insulated.
UV ink works at 120℃-200℃,which is not sintered.So UV printing glass has limitations on the following
Glass thickness:3~25mm
Max size:3660x18000mm


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