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  • Our product include tempered glass , laminated glass , insulated glass , float glass , processed glass, safety glass,energy saving glass,decorative glass,special glass,mirror,aluminum profile,glass balustrade, railing,window and door,glass curtail wall.
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Insulated Glass,is a combination of two or more panes of glass.There both layers are spaced apart by a spacer bar with a primary and secondary sealant with one or more air spaces amongst.These air spaces are filled with air and gas that help to improve the thermal performance indoors,so considerably reducing the cost of heating and air-conditioning.Insulated glass is a simply effective way in cumulative comfort in the environment.The layer of glass could be tempered glass,laminated glass.Then we replaced the tempering machines and laminating machines in order to get satisfied quality of the insulated glass.
Insulated glass has excellent performance on reduction of heat gain or loss.It is made of two or more piece of glass with the middle parts separated by the hollow aluminum spacer other other material spacer which is filled with the drier.The hollow glass part is filled with dry air or inert gas and sealed by butyl glue or structural sealant.
Type of Glass:Float glass,reflective glass,tempered glass,laminated glass,enameled glass,Low-e glass

Glass thickness:3~19mm
Space thickness:6~20mm
Spacer type:Aluminium and warm edge.
Insulating Gas:Air,vaccm,argon or other inert gas.
Max size:3660x18000mm
Insulating Glass Product Types
Argon filled insulating glass VS warm edge spacer insulating glass
How argon content affect double glass unit performance


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