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  • Our product include tempered glass , laminated glass , insulated glass , float glass , processed glass, safety glass,energy saving glass,decorative glass,special glass,mirror,aluminum profile,glass balustrade, railing,window and door,glass curtail wall.
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Patterned glass is roller with the patterns of sculpture,and then roll in the glass surface by double-sided printing or single-side patterns with the translucent ornamental flat glass.Also called figured glass.
Tactile patterns is the combination of lens and prism,can light refraction,reflection and diffusion in a different direction.After patterned glass light reflection,refraction,become quite disorder,unable to image,so it can not stop things.
Nowadays popular patterned glass mainly includes Moru glass,Aquatex glass and square patterned glass.Each glass style has its own unique charm
Moru glass is a kind of vertical patterned glass,which not only has a particularly high appearance,but also serves as a semishielding function to protect the privacy of life.
Aquatex glass is like traces of a trickle flowing through it,which is natural and vivid.It is used as window glass,and it feels like a wonderful feeling after rain.
Compared with Moru Glass,the Aquatex glass is more eclectic,making the home full of freehand flavor.
Compared with the first two patterned glass materials,the square patterned glass look like rows of chocolate grids.
This kind of glass has fine patterns and excellent blocking effect.Those who care about privacy can choose this glass boldly!

Clear,Ultra clear,Blue,Green,Bronze,Grey,Amber,Golden,Dichroic
Popular design
May flower,Masterlite,Aqualite,Aqualite-Ⅱ,Crystal,Hitchcross,Millennium,Karatachi,Water,Pyramid,Chinchilla,Flora,Flutelite-Ⅲ,Morgon-Ⅱ,Mistlite,Moru,Wood,Flame,Nappelite,HDL,Spotlight/optimax
Other design:
Showerlite,Music,Pearl-S,Galaxy,Floral,Silesia,Helix,Dragonlite,Fernlite,Golden fish,Granite,Bamboo
Mascot,Hibiscus,Maple Leaf-Ⅱ,Bubble,Leaves,Baroque,100C,Water cuba,Kimpi,100W-M,100W-A
Luminous pearl,Matt/matt,Prismatic/matt,Flemish,Naimates,Nashiru,Stream,Satinlite,Netlite-B,
Koi fish,UCRain-B,UCPV-D,UCNashiji-N,UCMorgon-II,UCLA-6,UCFX,UCDZH,Solarifier-S
Normal size:1830x2440mm,2000x2440mm,2000x2800mm,2000x3300mm,2000x3660mm
Max size:2140x3660mm
Premium grade,first grade,quallified grade
Quality standard:JCT/511,EN572-5


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