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Online low-e Glass is a new-type energy efficient glass features in high reflectivity of far infrared heat radiation.its produced by pyrolyzing coating material continuously under high temperature through CVD and MOCVD coating technology so as to deposit them on glass substrate surface moving inside a tin bath and black-out furnace.
As the glass is coated online continuously under high temperature without extra heating,cleaning or drying process,it can be manufactured in large scale with low cost.The glass coat is combined toughly with glass substrate.It can be used in a single layer or be further processed through tempering or thermal bending.It is an ideal solution for energy efficient glass curtain walls or windows.

Clear Low-E Glass,Sun-Shading LOW-E,On-line PV conductive TCO glass
Normal size:1650x2140mm,1830x2440mm,3300x2140mm,3660x2140mm
Max size:2440x3660mm
Quality grade:
Premium grade,first grade
Quality standard:GB/T18915.2,EN1096


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